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Even though we should not, many do to certain extent and degree.

For those that do, I believe that if they remain there, they will miss out on what God is truly trying to show us through his Word. The beauty of Ruth is that it is for everyone. Not just the single woman who longs for her future mate. It is for every single soul who bleeds and sheds real tears in hopes of a Savior and His amazing providence, will, and purpose to bring glory to himself.

I LOVE what you said here: I loved this article, and agree with so much of it. In Old Testament times, a wife had the right to food, clothing, and offspring who would inherit. But as we know, he had passed away too. The community of Israel had a solution for this problem.

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They were content to let the two widows die of hunger. Boaz knew exactly what Ruth was saying and doing. And so did the other Israelites, the closer relatives. Boaz was willing to take on the extra work. And God blessed them.

All the single ladies: Seriously stop it. Stop waiting for your “Boaz.”

Thanks for your comment. She was obeying her mother in law. We can assume that Ruth did not know the customs and expectations of Jewish law regarding inheritance, land, etc. Her loyalty to Naomi caused her to pursue. She was never the initiator.

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Naomi even gave Ruth words to say and we can assume that Ruth did not know the significance of her words at the time she said them to Boaz. I agree with you that the book of Ruth is not about a single woman seeking a husband. People should NOT read themselves into Bible narratives. That practice causes faulty eisegesis and always does a disservice to the text.

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We must keep the integrity of the Word or fall into error. I agree with you that we should not read ourselves into Bible narratives. Not reading ourselves into scripture is a learned skill and discipline that one grows into as one matures in the faith.

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Sadly, many Christians of color are still learning this skill because many churches of color promote a false gospel. Hope that clarifies her post a bit more. You can also only have one ticket, so this ticket can not be combined with a regular general admission ticket. If two are purchased, no refund will be offered. At the finish line you will grab your tasting glass and will be off to sample over craft brews and ciders. And just because you worked off all of those calories, we will throw in a dozen delicious Barton Orchards Cider Donuts!

Race Begins around 1: Upon registration you will be given your runners number. Or I hope not. Now, there is no doubt Boaz is a wonderful man. He sees a woman who has a great reputation that needs a provider. Out of compassion and a desire to do what is right what the law calls him to do , he sets out to marry her. Boaz also blessed Ruth for not looking for a younger man Ruth 3: She approached Boaz because he was a good man and, most importantly, because he was her relative. There are miles of evidence in this book about how God provided and had His hand in every twist and turn of the story.

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But most importantly, God planned to include Ruth a Moabite, who was specifically excluded from the nation of Israel— Deut. That is the main point of this story and the purpose of it being in the Bible. The story of Ruth is definitly a love story, but not in the way we usually make it out to be. Boaz is a picture of Christ. Ruth could not save herself. She needed a provider and Boaz did just that. He redeemed her, provided for her, and sheltered her—which is a beautiful picture of exactly what Christ did for you and me. So, help me out here.

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  7. Your Boaz has already come. His name is Jesus and He already offers you everything you will ever need and more.

    This is an update version of an old blogpost. I use it as an opportunity to brush the dust off an old post I liked, freshen it up a bit, and repost for new readers who may not have seen it before. This is the understanding of a human being not a Holy Spirit led conclusion… God us mysterious and deep in many ways and the explanation that may work for the author of this page may DEF not be for EVERY reader of the story …. Although I do agree that Ruths story is an analogy of Christs love for His people. We need to pray about anything and everything and not take things for granted.