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The information in our publications is not a substitute for legal advice. To receive legal advice about your specific situation, you need to speak to a lawyer. Parents coming into classrooms and yelling at teachers Teachers receiving angry or inappropriate comments in public Inappropriate comments or behaviour in the classroom Threats received at home or at school Damage to property at home or at school Pushing or other unwelcome physical contact Repeated phone calls When is behaviour inappropriate?

Some of the statements include the following: C The Criminal Code provides protection for all Canadians from harm in many forms. H Sexual harassment is a violation of the Human Rights Code. Tips for teachers dealing with inappropriate behaviour: Ongoing harassment can affect your physical and mental wellbeing, concentration and job performance. Tell someone you trust. It is important to have emotional support.

Write down what happened, dates, names of witnesses and how you reacted. Read up on the subject and ask questions.

Legal Issues in Education

Cooperate in the investigation. If you lodge a complaint it is important to cooperate at all stages of the investigation. If you are uncomfortable or nervous, ask to have a friend come with you to the interview. Initiate or participate in workshops or events that engage discussion between parents, students and teachers about appropriate behaviour in and out of school. What should I do if I am a victim? You can meet with the person responsible for the inappropriate behaviour and tell them that their actions or comments are unacceptable.

You do not have to do this alone.


In some situations this may be enough to resolve the problem. If you are intimidated or uncomfortable dealing with the individual yourself, you should consider seeking help from your school, district, federation or professional association. If you are afraid for your personal safety or the safety of someone else, you should contact the police immediately.

It may be wise to keep notes to ensure you have accurate information about the incidents should you choose to take further action.

Conflict of Interest Law Information

This would be a conflict of interest, because the teacher has a financial interest in providing those services. Privately Tutoring Current Students: A teacher may not tutor students who are currently in her class. Using School Resources for Private Tutoring: A teacher cannot use his position to get unwarranted privileges for himself, or to give them to anyone else.

For example, a teacher cannot use school resources such as classrooms or materials in connection with a private tutoring business. A public school employee cannot use a school or district website to advertise private tutoring services. A school cannot send home brochures for a particular tutoring service with the children. The only exception to this is that a district may, if it chooses, create a policy permitting the use of its resources in specified circumstances by anyone teachers or non-teachers who meets its objective and reasonable criteria.

For example, a district could create a policy under which it will list on its website any provider of private tutoring services that meets stated criteria. Any such listing, however, should include a disclaimer that the district is not endorsing any private tutoring service. Tutoring Paid for by the District: Apart from their primary employment which is viewed as a contract for conflict of interest purposes , teachers and other public employees are not allowed to have a financial interest in a contract with an agency at their same level of government, unless an exemption applies.

Public School Teacher FAQs on the Conflict of Interest Law

This means that a teacher cannot have a second paid position with her school district or her charter school unless there is an applicable exemption, because the second paid position is a financial interest in a municipal or state contract. These sections make it impossible for full-time teachers to tutor in their own district if the district is going to pay for the tutoring as may be the case, for example, with SES services.

This solves the problem because then teachers only have a financial interest in one contract that is, their primary employment, which is governed by the collective bargaining agreement. This part of the law applies less restrictively to some part-time employees. Tutoring Required by District: Teachers and other public employees may not be paid by or act for others in matters that are of direct and substantial interest to their public employers.

Where a district has determined that a particular child needs tutoring, that is a matter of direct and substantial interest to the district. Consequently, a teacher who works for the district cannot be paid privately to provide that tutoring. The teacher is likewise prohibited from communicating with his own school or district on behalf of a private tutoring program. These provisions apply less restrictively to some part-time employees.

A district paying its own teachers directly to provide tutoring pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement by including tutoring-related compensation in their regular paychecks does not create a problem under this section, because the employees are not being paid by someone other than their employer.

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Approaching Students or Parents for Work: A school district may adopt policies that are more restrictive than the conflict of interest law. For example, a school district may choose to adopt a policy prohibiting teachers from privately tutoring any students in the same school in which they teach or in the same school district in which they work.

In that situation, the tutoring would be prohibited, even if it doing so would otherwise be permissible under the conflict of interest law. Teachers, however, should avoid tutoring in any of the situations described above that would raise issues under the conflict of interest law or district policy. Coaching in your district as a second job: The only way that you can coach while a teacher and comply with the conflict of interest law is if the collective bargaining agreement for teachers in your district includes a provision authorizing teachers to be paid for coaching, and the additional payment is included in your regular paycheck.

You cannot have a second paid arrangement with the district for which you are paid separately. A teacher may not have a financial interest in a contract with an agency at his same level of government, unless an exemption applies. This means that a teacher cannot have a second paid position with her school district or her charter school unless there is an applicable exemption, because having that second paid position would give the teacher a prohibited financial interest in a municipal or state contract. One mother responded with a slew of urgent emails bordering on the neurotic: There are lots of different sizes of glue.

Which one exactly do you want? Davidson asks each new kindergartener to come to school with an extra set of clothes in a labeled zip-top bag in case they have an accident or get wet during recess.

Teacher confessions: 5 things parents should never do

Of course, this last comment made me realize there are really no excuses when it comes to basic tasks, such as sending in gym clothes or— ahem —a family photo. The least we can do is follow some simple rules to ease the load. Not everybody can get the teacher they think they want.

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You might be surprised: Another teacher might bring something unexpected to the table. We've sent an email with instructions to create a new password. Your existing password has not been changed.

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